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2Hr Aquarist APT Complete Plant Fertiliser 300ML

Tackle the most demanding plants, or just enjoy everyday magic in the simplest tank. The easiest way to unlock the true potential of your planted tank today.  The 2Hr Aquarist...

2Hr Aquarist APT Fix Anti Algae 300ML

The smarter way to treat algae.Especially effective for BBA, hair/string/fuzz and most forms of filamentous algae.Gently biodegrades completely. Spot-dose up to 1ml per 10L every 24 hours. AN UNFAIR ADVANTAGE...

2Hr Aquarist APT Jazz Mini Aquatic Plant Root Tabs

Provides a powerful visible growth boost, even to the most demanding plants.Unparalleled Nitrate Limitation ability unlocks the deepest possible reds in popular plants. Nitrate Limitation Nitrate Limitation unlocks the deepest...

2Hr Aquarist APT Pure Water Conditioner 300ML

The 360o water conditioner.Comprehensive and super-concentrated formula removes chlorine & chloramines and detoxifies heavy metals, ammonia, nitrites and nitrates.Contains soothing Aloe Vera extract.Dose 1ml per 60LDose up to 5X recommended dosage...


AI - Blade Hanging Kit

No Description

AI Axis Return Pump

Axis® 20NEW Max Head: ≈5ft (≈1.5m) Flow Rate: ≈185gph (≈700lph) Power Consumption: Variable, 12W max Recommended Tank Size: Up to ≈15 gallons Axis® 40NEW Max Head: ≈9ft (≈2.8m) Flow Rate: ≈400gph (≈1500lph)...


AI HMS Multi Light Mount - 2-Arm Kit

This component [A] includes vertical HMS rails and mounting feet that can sit on the side of your aquariums rim. To build your HMS Multi-Light Mount, please choose the A+B+C...


AI HMS Multi Light Mount - Hanging Kit

This component [A] allows you to suspend the HMS Tracks from your ceiling or wall brackets. Does not include rail, bracket or lights. To build your HMS Multi-Light Mount, please...


AI HMS Multi Light Mount - Tank Mount Bracket

This component [C] is for use with AI HMS. These brackets allow you to mount one Hydra 32/64 to the HMS Rail (sold separately). The Hydra Mounting System (HMS) Multi...


AI HMS Multi Light Mount - Tank Mount Rail

The component [B] lets you use as many Hydra modules that you desire and fit within the track system. The tracks are great for multiple light systems keeping them all at...


AI HMS Single Light Mount

A complete kit for mounting a single Hydra 26, 32, 52 or 64 light to your tank.Notes: Rimless tanks only. 1.2" (3cm) max glass thickness.


AI Hybrid Mount for Blade

No Description


AI Hydra 32 Flex Arm

A silicone-coated flex arm makes for an attractive and sturdy solution for mounting your AI Hydra 32HD. Our most flexible mount for a rimmed or rimless tank. Wire-management clips are...


AI Hydra HD

The World’s Most Popular Reef LEDs The newest members of the Hydra line from AquaIllumination®, the Hydra 32 & 64 HD bring more power and color where you want it,...

Wave Makers

AI Nero

Let's flow! Nero® 5 Nero® 3 Maximum Glass Thickness: 16 mm Maximum Glass Thickness:  13 mm Flow Rate: 11,356 lph Flow Rate: 7,570 lph Power Consumption: Variable, 30W max Power...

AI Orbit

Orbit® 4 The all-new  Orbit 2 and  Orbit 4 cross-flow pumps join the popular  AI Nero lineup as submersible in-tank power heads.   The  fully controllable and programmable  Orbit 2 is  perfect for medium to large aquariums, while the  Orbit 4 produces twice the...

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