D-D Fluidised Reactor FMR75

Skimmers, Reactors & Filtration
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This fluidised reactor has been developed by D-D to give the ultimate economic solution for fluidising a whole range of materials that are used on your marine or freshwater aquarium.

Many smaller reactors on the market look good, are packaged well and are competitively priced however when you get down to using them they just do not tick all of the boxes. D-D have spent a lot of time ironing out the bugs to make this a flexible product, ideal for all hobbyists.

Suitable For
• Rowaphos or Phosphate Removers
• Nutrifix Bio Pellets (Up to 700ml)
• Carbon
• Biological Sand as a fluidised sand filter

These reactors are small enough to use on the smallest of nano tanks but with sufficient capacity to use on larger systems.

• 128mm x 94mm x 440mm (including fittings and lid)
• Reaction tube outer diameter - 80mm
• Tube height between upper/lower perforated plates - 340mm
• Can hang on glass up to 25mm
• Designed to be the correct height to hang on a 15" sump (will stand inside smaller sumps or hang onto taller sumps).

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