ETM Radion Diffuser

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• Engineered diffuser material for improved color mixing and caustics
• Quick and easy installation
• Magnetically attached lens for easy removal and cleaning
• Only a 25% reduction in PAR output
• Compatible with all Radion versions

How It Works
The Radion diffuser utilizes an engineered diffuser material with an optimized airspace, the result is enhanced color mixing and more uniform caustics. Working with the existing optics equipped on the Radion fixtures, a diffuser offers a more pleasing light appearance with only a marginal reduction in PAR.




Radion XR30w Diffuser works with all previous XR30 versions
G1 Base & PRO
G2 Base & PRO
G3 Base & PRO
G4 Base & PRO

Radion XR15w Diffuser works with all previous XR30 versions
• XR15 G3 PRO
• XR15 G4 PRO
• XR15 G4 FW


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