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Here’sWhat Makes the FX-STP WiFi Doser So Special:

  • Suitablefor all sorts of continuous dosing applications
  • Idealfor feeding calcium reactors, Kalk reactors, and bio-denitrators
  • Theperfect pump for building an automatic water change system
  • MemoryBackup—your settings will be saved and restored if/when power lost
  • Anonboard LCD display shows current pump status including flow rate and WiFiconnectivity
  • Near-silentoperation
  • High-precisionstepper motor driver
  • Adjustableflow rate setting of 1 to 120ml/min
  • Easy tocalibrate
  • Easy toreplace tubing
  • Small,compact, and built tough

There is adownloadable quick-start guide plus a pump tutorial built into the app

The #1 Feed Pumpfor Calcium Reactors: Highest Rated & Most Reliable!

If you findyourself constantly having to tune your calcium reactor, the FX-STP WiFi is foryou! This pump is so unbelievably consistent that your alkalinity will barelymove from test to test. Once it is dialed in, you’ll be impressed by how stableyour alkalinity and other major water parameters become. Calcium reactors aresupposed to make supplementing a reef aquarium easier, but many hobbyists fighttheir CaRx for years, trying to achieve a consistent effluent drip-rate. TheFX-STP WiFi, on the other hand, makes calibration and fine-tuning a breeze.Other than occasionally replacing the tubing and recalibrating to maintainaccurate dosing, this is a “set it and forget it” type of solution—which is whyreef hobbyists around the globe love the FX-STP WiFi so much! It truly is thebest method we know of to provide reliable and stable long-term effluent flow.The FX-STP WiFi allows aquarium keepers to overcome inconsistencies easily andset the reactor’s effluent with enough pressure and a predictable metered ratefor unparalleled performance and rock-solid stability.

CheckOut The Detailed Specs of the FX-STP WiFi Doser:

  • Dimensions: 5”Tall x 3¼” Wide x 5¼” Deep
  • MinimumFlow Rate: 1mL / min
  • MaximumFlow Rate: 120 mL/min
  • PharMedTubing Life: 2000 Hours
  • Pump TubingSize: ⅛” ID
  • MobileApp: Android (Android 4.4 and above) and Apple (iOS 9.1 and above)
  • PowerAdapter: Input 100VAC -240VAC | Output DC24V 1.9A
  • PumpHead: 6 Rotor / Roller KCS 


Here’sWhat Comes Inside the Box:

  • 1xKamoer FX-STP WiFi Dosing Pump
  • 1x PowerSupply
  • 2 xTubing Adapters (⅛” to ¼”)
  • 1 m of⅛” ID Tubing
  • 1 m¼”  ID Tubing

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