Kamoer KWC-SE

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KWC is an intelligent water replenishment and water change equipment, suitable for occasions such as water replenishment and water change in sea aquariums.

The device can be controlled locally through the App. The device has an optical level sensor (Anti-overflow sensor). It is used to control the start and stop of equipment water replenishment and the overflow prevention of water change; It has a float level sensor(Waste liquid anti-overflow sensor).It is used to prevent the overflow of the waste liquid bucket ; It has three anti-dry-burning submersible pumps, namely, discharge waste water pump ( Q270-S ) , supplementary sea water pump(Q270-S), and supplementary fresh water pump(Q270-F). When the replenishing water overflows, the replenishing bucket lacks water and the replenishing water is overtime, the KWC will have an indicator light and a buzzer to alarm.

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