Kamoer X4 PRO (Wifi Dosing Pump)

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The X4 PRO is the first remote dosing pump with OLED display. With the app remote control or the button local control, theX4 PRO can flexibly and accurately replenish the aquarium with the various elements needed for the growth of marine life.

· 4 x dosing heads
· Fluid Volume: 0.1ml-9,999ml
· Accuracy: <+/-0.5%
· Dimensions: 285 × 90 × 60mm

· Smallest form factor
· Built-in OLED display, local control via button
· Remote control via app, support iOS &Android
· Safe and reliable with waterproof connectors
· Colorful plastic gear drive pump heads with high quality PharMed BPT tube, no slip and rust
· Each pump head can calibrate flow rate
· Built-in temperature detection
· Settings saved and clock keeps running by battery if power lost Upgrade firmware via OTA
· Support access to Kamoer controller system

Software details
· 1-24 dosing times per day
· Auto/Manual dosing options
· User defined start/stop Dosing Period per day
· Daily/every "x" days /specified days of week dosing frequency.
· Anti-interference delay between pump dosing
· Monitor residual volume in dosing container,push alarm to the user's mobile.
· Monitor temperature, push alarm to the user's mobile phone when the setting range is exceeded

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