Waterbox Magnetic Glass Cleaner

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Meet the Waterbox Aquariums® Magnetic Cleaners. A better way to clean your aquarium.


Recommended Glass Cleaner
5 - 12MM Glass Thickness : SMALL
10 - 19MM Glass Thickness : LARGE


Every surface accounted for
Our magnets float and are easy to move from panel to panel, keeping the front, sides and back panes of glass looking brand new.

Stay Dry
Cleaning your aquarium doesn’t have to be messy. Our magnetic approach to cleaning your glass means keeping your hands clean and dry.

It Floats
If you lose contact with the internal magnet, don’t worry --- our magnet floats to the top for easy retrieval.

Powerful against stubborn algae
Designed for daily maintenance, our magnets keep stubborn algae from ever appearing, keeping your aquarium crystal clear and in pristine shape. Our larger magnet includes an added scraper attachment to minimize work on larger aquariums.

Backed by Waterbox
Our magnets were designed by Waterbox Aquariums® for Waterbox Aquariums®. With proper use they will keep your aquarium clean and in exquisite shape for years to come.

- Ergonomically designed beech wood dry side
- Floating wet side for easy retrieval
- Our powerful magnets allow for easy daily cleanup of algae buildup
- Safe for use on all glass aquariums
- Durable scraper allows removal of algae without damaging the glass
- Comes with replaced felt pad and brush pad

What's Included
- 1 x External magnetic handle with felt
- 1 x Internal magnetic brush
- 1 x Replacement felt pad
- 1 x Replacement brush pad